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Film Product Services

We are Reykjavik Rocks and specialise in producing feature films, commercials, music videos and television. Our clients come to us because they want top-tier help with, Film crew, Budgeting, Equipment rental, Aerial and underwater shoot, Location scouting, Location permits and license, Logistics, Pre-Production​,  Accommodation, Location permits ,Casting, grips and electric equipment, helicopters, stages, catering and more.

As one of the top-echelon companies in Iceland, we have arranged exclusive discounts with supplies and have corporate rates available to a multiple hotels while enjoying friendly relationships with prestigious law firms, local unions and governmental agencies.

Founded in 2009, we were formed by experienced production companies who have shot numerous commercials and films for global clients. Our goals dictates we provide our clients with the best of everything. During the past 9 years, we have worked with production companies such as “Chromista”, “All day every Day” “Rumble” and directors including Elliott Lester, Matt Baron, Richard Paris Wilson and more.


We look forward to providing location references and cost estimates for any project.

Luxury Travel

As a luxury travel management company, Reykjavik Rocks connects travelers to the world's ideal travel spots through worry free, expert planning as we show you unforgettable luxury experiences with unmatched perks and upgrades.

Tell us your preferences and we quickly match you with a trained and experienced advisor who can work with you while planning your upcoming luxury trip. Your advisor collaborates with you and caters to your travel needs. Your trip is truly personalized.

Our extensive travel network permits your advisor to book exclusive features and benefits offered only to our luxury traveling clientele.

Many travel companies provide a workable level of service. We serve those who are looking for what they serve and are entitled to in life. Not part of the crowd, our clients are global leaders and want everything executed to perfection.

Why Choose Reykjavik Rocks?

For business, vacation, family or romance we have built a set of standards showing how travel should be experienced. Your luxury travel with Reykjavik Rocks will leave you memories of joy, excitement, adventure and reaffirmation.

When you become our client, you rest assured your travel experience is performed and completed to the highest standards world leaders have come to expect. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Reykjavik Rocks experience.

Live your life to the fullest.

Private Events

At Reykjavik Rocks we generate buzz to get people in to door. Our years of experienced have led us to develop strategic marketing plans as we cover all available avenues. Our clients’ budgets vary, but we use every imaginative tool in the arsenal to reach audiences.

We work closely with event producers, tickets sellers and local vendors while ensuring the highest profitability possible to our clients.

We help clients achieve strong potential for their events, and we host also and have thrown hundreds of events, of all sizes, during out long career in the industry.

We love what we do and put a lot of time and effort in as we work close with our customers. We provide the best, most reliable and accountable services available anywhere.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Our legacy brand is a broad testament to the trustworthiness we have earned and we commit our top talent to each project. Our clients have included the biggest names and we are recognized both nationally and internationally. 

We occasionally offer internships to quality persons and invite everyone — from promoter to publicist to producer — to get involved.

Production Service

"MNEK, Zara Larsson, rumble and the commissioner Ailsa Robertson were so great in supporting it. And our producer Stephanie Paeplow managed to find the most amazing fixer, Unnar Helgi Danielsson, who just unlocked the door to Iceland. The crew were absolutely incredible - I wish I could fly them everywhere (and I will try).

Richard Paris


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